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Our Mission:
To mobilize congregations and communities across economic, religious, racial, and ethnic boundaries so that, in partnership, we can work more effectively for a just and peaceful society and for spiritual growth and interfaith understanding.
Current eNews Letter from Executive Director, Rodney Petersen on November 26th, 2015:

Friends of CMM,

Recent terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere have prompted many U.S. Governors and Members of Congress to call for a pause, if not an end, to the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States. This is coming just as world leaders gather in Paris for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (30 November - 11 December), but also on the eve of that day, December 10, 1948, when all the nations came together in Paris to sign the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to be acknowledged in vigil and forum in Boston and elsewhere around the world.

How would our world look allowing for a culture of dignity and respect envisioned for all persons in that Declaration? How would it look if all sentient life were caught up in that same Declaration? From this perspective, CMM celebrates Global Harmony Through Music, a concert with Piano Virtuoso and Humanitarian, Kimball Gallagher
(December 8, 7:00pm - 8:30pm). This concert is coming at a time of refugee consciousness - and at a time acknowledging the power and relevance of the UNUDHR. That all human beings have fundamental rights and freedoms is undiminished today in the midst of the refugee crisis, a crisis that could undo whatever good can come from the United Nations Climate Change Conference, knowing well that war and crisis distract and undo environmental gains.

One of the most impressionable images I retain is that of sailing downstream from Luxor to Cairo with a company of 25 seminary students, a pride of Egyptian Presbyterian pastors, and a flock of Islamic scholars. As we sailed past Karnak and the Valley of the Kings we kept hearing stories of Muslims and Christians celebrating harmoniously the flight of the holy family, of their protection in Egypt, of the collective honoring of Mary, and of her son, Jesus. As many approach the American celebration of Thanksgiving we might do well to recall the harmony that can happen when we welcome one another with dignity and respect.

With thanks,

Rodney L. Petersen
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